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When I was growing up, there were many family gatherings in which a special bowl, or platter was used.  Now when I see that bowl or platter, it brings back memories of beloved family members, good times and special foods.  That is the thought the goes into every piece of pottery I create.


My pottery is beautiful, yet very functional.  Most pieces can go into the dishwasher, microwave or oven.  When someone purchases a piece of my pottery, I hope it will be used for a favorite recipe, hold a cup of coffee, or used to brighten up a table with flowers.   


My pottery pieces are created on the wheel, hand built or combination of both.  I enjoy making each piece different through carvings, stamps, details and adding small additions.


My pots are made for the enhancement of the home and the pleasure of cooking and serving food. The functional and sculptural pieces that I make are for others to enjoy handmade and artistic forms in their lives.


Every pot made is considered an individual that can be combined with other similar colored pieces to become a family of unique pots.  This uniqueness reminds the user that the pot is an artistic handmade object.

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