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Baking Tips
Pottery Care and Baking Tips 
  • All pottery used in baking or serving at Lakeshore pottery is created with food  safe glazes
  • Pottery is fired to cone ^6 electric.
  • While stoneware glazed pottery is a non-stick surface, spray is not needed. (When baking brownies, cakes or using egg cups; a small amount of butter, oil spread or spray is recommended) 
  • Pottery does not work the same as Pyrex.  Pottery needs to change temperature slowly. Do not put into a pre-heated oven. Instead put pottery in a cold oven and add on pre-heat time to recipe's recommended baking time.
  • Do not place hot pottery on granite, other stone counter top or directly into cold water.
  • Most Lakeshore Pottery can be used in the dishwasher,  microwave and oven.
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